Why Work With Me?

  • Personalized Holistic Plan: A tailored, all-encompassing approach to boost your health and happiness.

  • Empowerment and Education: Gain the insights and tools needed for informed, proactive wellbeing decisions.

  • Support Based on Lived Experience: Practical, empathetic guidance rooted in real-world caregiving insights.

  • Transformation from the Inside Out: Elevate your journey from mere survival to thriving with joy, relaxation, and self-love.

Powerful Coaching.
Empowering Results.

Because you are uniquely you, and my services are highly individualized, the best way to see if we are a good fit is to connect directly. While my initial consultations are 100% obligation free, please ensure that you are in a quiet and undistracted place for the duration of our call. ​

Prior to participating in Nurse Coaching with Saundra Boyd my life was somewhat chaotic; responding to “mini crises” of my adult loved ones (Son and Granddaughter) who both experience mental health challenges. I had thought I was practicing self care, come to find out, “not so much” as I was focused on caring and loving others before myself. I was ungrounded, searching for substance and genuine purpose and deep self acceptance in my life. I was positively impacted by Saundra’s kind gentle nature and effective intervention suggestions. She implemented Spirituality, Self-Care, Mindfulness and Gratitude Practices that now I practice daily.  Saundra was always gentle in her guidance, going at my pace, making sure I was comfortable with the activities and suggestions and then discussing the next week if I was able to put then to use and discussing the result and effectiveness of the new items implemented weekly. My experience working with Saundra was somewhat of an epiphany for me in several arenas, especially spiritually, as she showed me how much grace and love in God by modeling this herself in her kind caring manner.  She was ever kind, compassionate and met me where I was. I enjoyed the entire experience and value the daily activities she taught me as they were simple to add to my daily routine, she practiced them with me in our sessions. They proved exceptionally calming to me; mantras, mindfulness, gratitude journaling.  Saundra has a way of compassionate caring that can bring you to tears of joy, self acceptance, and we could laugh together also. This is rare in today’s world. What I liked most about the coaching relationship is the very genuine nature of it. I was able to be me without judgment; in fact, I felt total acceptance and respected of who I am as a Mom, Grandma, Caregiver, and Woman seeking to improve my life. I continue to use the mantras, mindfulness activities, gratitude journaling and have used the suggestions on how to better connect with others quite effectively and lovingly. I have learned to genuinely love myself, something that I wasn’t very good at in the beginning of our sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend Nurse Coaching by Saundra to family members, former co-workers, and friends. Please feel free to use this testimonial.  
—Jacquelyn (Jackie), 66 , CA

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