Why Work With Me?

  • Personalized Holistic Plan: A tailored, all-encompassing approach to boost your health and happiness.

  • Empowerment and Education: Gain the insights and tools needed for informed, proactive wellbeing decisions.

  • Support Based on Lived Experience: Practical, empathetic guidance rooted in real-world caregiving insights.

  • Transformation from the Inside Out: Elevate your journey from mere survival to thriving with joy, relaxation, and self-love.

Powerful Coaching.
Empowering Results.

Because you are uniquely you, and my services are highly individualized, the best way to see if we are a good fit is to connect directly. While my initial consultations are 100% obligation free, please ensure that you are in a quiet and undistracted place for the duration of our call. ​

What people say...

Before working with Saundra, there was no place in my home to call my own where I could relax and recharge. Telling others what I wanted or needed was difficult because pleasing others, not being an inconvenience, and the fear of making others angry were bigger concerns to me. After working with Saundra, I have a studio in my home that my family respects as my space where I can do yoga, meditate, take classes, and have zoom meetings. I have learned to express my needs and take care of myself. My family can see the difference and appreciate the quality of time and care that I can give them now because of it. I recommend creating a coaching team with Saundra to everyone who wants to start making the changes that will expand their lives. Often we already know the parts of our lives that are unbalanced and need work. Saundra will shine a light on them so they are brought to the surface in the safest most comfortable setting that is created by both of you. I am so appreciative of participating in these sessions and look forward to all I can become with the help of my coach Saundra.

—Aleta Rodriquez, 54 , CA

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