Welcome to a space where your role as a caregiver is not just recognized but deeply understood. Here, we bridge the gap between the immense responsibility you shoulder and the peace of mind you deserve.

I’m a Mental Health Caregiver Coach and the Caregiver of a loved one with mental illness. I feel the same fear, frustration, anxiety, and exhaustion as many of you family caregivers feel. It is my goal and my passion to help  and empower you on your caregiving journey. To help you “take better care of yourself so that you can take better care of those you love”.

Stop the Cycle of Overwhelm

Empowering you to be a great caregiver by "taking better care of yourself so that you can take better care of those you love.

Are you caught in the relentless cycle of caregiving without a moment for yourself?

It's time to pause and reassess. The demands of caregiving can often leave you feeling like you're in a constant state of juggling responsibilities, with personal time and self-care seemingly slipping through your fingers. This continuous cycle can lead to burnout, stress, and a loss of identity outside your caregiving role. It's not just about the physical toll but the emotional and mental strain that comes with putting another's needs before your own at all times.

But remember, taking care of yourself isn't a luxury—it's a necessity.

By stepping back, even momentarily, you give yourself the space to breathe, reflect, and regain the energy you need to be both a better caregiver and a happier, more fulfilled individual.

  • Personalized Holistic Plan: A tailored, all-encompassing approach to boost your health and happiness.

  • Empowerment and Education: Gain the insights and tools needed for informed, proactive wellbeing decisions.

  • Support Based on Lived Experience: Practical, empathetic guidance rooted in real-world caregiving insights.

  • Transformation from the Inside Out: Elevate your journey from mere survival to thriving with joy, relaxation, and self-love.

  • Using my lived experience as a caregiver, I help you to understand that your own physical, mental, and spiritual care is of utmost importance so that you can continue to take care of your loved one, continue to be a great caregiver without losing yourself in the process.

  • Together, we will take a Holistic approach, working on every single area of your wellbeing; physical health, mental health and spiritual health and co-create a comprehensive plan to make incremental changes in your life.

  • You will be empowered to take charge of your health and wellbeing so that you can be great caregivers while maintaining your own peace of mind.

My approach to empowering you entails providing you with the education, resources and support that you need to take care of your loved one. Then we dive deep into your own wellbeing, transforming you from the inside out. Using my own personal experience as a family caregiver of the mentally ill, we will work together so that you are empowered to not only take care of your loved one but to also relax, take care of yourself, love yourself and smile and have fun while doing it.

Before working with Saundra, there was no place in my home to call my own where I could relax and recharge. Telling others what I wanted or needed was difficult because pleasing others, not being an inconvenience, and the fear of making others angry were bigger concerns to me. After working with Saundra, I have a studio in my home that my family respects as my space where I can do yoga, meditate, take classes, and have zoom meetings. I have learned to express my needs and take care of myself. My family can see the difference and appreciate the quality of time and care that I can give them now because of it. I recommend creating a coaching team with Saundra to everyone who wants to start making the changes that will expand their lives. Often we already know the parts of our lives that are unbalanced and need work. Saundra will shine a light on them so they are brought to the surface in the safest most comfortable setting that is created by both of you. I am so appreciative of participating in these sessions and look forward to all I can become with the help of my coach Saundra.

—Aleta Rodriquez, 54 , CA

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